Mobile Recruiting – now is the time!





Mobile Recruiting – now is the time!

Across the globe, the working world is characterised by its fast pace, mobility and digitisation. Like everyone else, job-seekers are almost constantly on the move and deal with as much as possible “on the go”. Using apps or browsers they can look for interesting positions anytime and everywhere and at very little cost – and apply for new positions. In Switzerland, for example, approximately half of all jobseekers look for a new job using a smartphone or a tablet . So users have high expectations about the quality of the jobs that appear in their search results.

“Mobile” has long been gaining ground in recruitment

Entry into today’s job market is mobile, no doubt about it. Job platforms like and, the leading platforms in Switzerland, are being accessed more frequently from mobile end devices, and job applications are also being submitted directly from a tablet or smartphone.

No wonder: More and more digital natives are entering the job market and need solutions that coincide with their user behaviour. They want faster and simpler application processes.

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Data Profiling May Change Recruitment Permanently: But for Better or Worse?


Recruitment candidates’ data has never been more accessible. As traditional methods for finding a new job dwindle, the popularity for quicker, smarter solutions for finding your next role only continues to grow. Websites such as Jobsite, Reed, Monster, Milkround and of course LinkedIn have accelerated the rate at which recruiters and employers have gained access to an unprecedented level of data.

At one time – not even so long ago – copious phone calls, emails, advertisements and letters (yes, letters!) were required in order to build a database of candidates large enough to be worthwhile. The problem then was keeping this up to date! Thankfully, today that’s so much easier. Using data profiling software to source data from the wide variety of career based sites out there has led to recruiters now possessing in-depth, frequently updated databases of candidates looking for a career move.

And that’s great – but has this development benefitted the candidate, or simply caused them more problems?

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Lukasz Zelezny : SEO – How to Get it Right


Millions of people are using SEO around the world to improve their brands’ rankings in search and attract more people. Such stiff competition can mean that your SEO efforts may not immediately pay off, but the long-term is always the focus when building up a presence via search engine optimisation. Due to the nature of their operations: selling somebody something is a more difficult prospect than offering them information and entertainment. We’ll review some key components of SEO for e-commerce in order to guide you and your business in the right direction.

Understanding the Benefits

SEO is by far the most cost-effective method of promoting your e-commerce business. Additionally, it has the best return on investment when done properly. Why? Because SEO is a bridge-builder: it connects all of the other components of your brand’s outreach – social media, UX, public relations, and more – and makes each one more potent. Rather than having to spend countless dollars on promoting your business via AdWords, Facebook and a variety of other PPC platforms, SEO can help increase traffic with very little financial investment. These benefits are exactly why so many businesses focus on SEO as if their lives depended on it.

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Job Board Summit Agenda Summary: Our theme this year is “pivot”


Many Job Boards are now diversifying and exploring ways to grow revenue, adapting their business model to generate more and new revenue. With revenue at the forefront, this year we have sessions on shortlisting, pay for performance and programmatic job advertising. Success stories will be shared, including Experteer on how they have harnessed technology to accelerate rapid growth. We’ve got Indeed on stage, answering your questions, as well as representation from the USA speaking about how they’re tackling the ATS apply issue. Finally, we delve into the challenges that we face in our industry and address the inescapable topics on everyone’s lips.

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Jobg8 announces dates for their Job Board Summit – Europe 2016

The venue of 2016 Job Board Summit Europe

Global Job Board network, Jobg8 are proud to announce their 5th annual Job Board Summit – Europe, taking place at the striking etc. venues conference centre at St Paul’s, London on the 10-11th November. The celebrated industry leading event attracts over 150 delegates each year and aims to deliver top level insights into European markets and explore the biggest challenges that the industry regularly face.

Louise Grant, CEO of Jobg8 said: 

“We are really looking forward to the Summit this year. Each year the event grows as we welcome new faces and return attendees from across Europe. The event always generates fascinating conversations, in particular during our workshop sessions.”

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The North American Summit – The Jobg8 Take

Summit7  Summit6

This was our fourth North American Summit and the windy city lived up to it’s reputation with a huge storm and tornado’s on the Wednesday night. Flights were delayed but by noon Thursday all our speakers, panellists and delegates had arrived safely.

You may have already read some write up of the event but if not we’d suggest you take a look at The Job Board Doctor’s article and also a few of our own pre event blogs – particularly Randle Reece’s one on “What Next”.

Day One:

Dan Finnigan talked about the candidate of the future and YES they are different, they will move jobs multiple times (up to 20) so how you “help them” when they come to you the first time could dictate the relationship you will have with them + he actively wants to work with Job Boards (the API issue) and build data sets.

The client debate was passionate with push back both ways – Kyle Power wants relevant candidates + better data/metrics, Mike, from Shaker sees better opportunities for Job Boards in the  Branding area (as does Crytal Miller), Mike also the opportunity to monitise  data, which came up throughout the summit. Steve Levy as a recruiter knows that the Job Board Resume database is a great source of candidates but commented “ how easy is it to search?” plus “how many of you get/understand what sourcing is, how we do it and build that thinking into your business model” –  The opportunity might be to integrated with a sourcing tool.The Job Board Summit Candidate surveys










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Randy Reece says prepare for these…..

Job Board Summit Randy Reece Photo

Kicking off day two, speaker Randy has already shared some great information and insights with us at Jobg8 and having now seen his PPT deck I wanted to share just one slide – his final one which he calls; Prepare for These;

  • Demise (or death throes) of browser-based advertising
  • Ascendance of pay-for-performance job advertising and automated buying – and subsequent problems
  • Cross-media branding + job marketing campaigns
  • Intensified competition for talent: Longer time to hire, higher turnover
  • Regulatory efforts to combat fake job posting / contact harvesting
  • Newspapers begin dropping out of the help-wanted business
  • Job search engines win the huge small/midsize business market
  • The next economic recession – by 2019

Randy’s judgement in this space is impeccable having moved away from the regional press at the right time in the 90’s and just under a year ago foresaw the LinkedIn share price demise.

So if you want one reason to come to the summit here’s one – See the Rest of Randy’s presentation at The Job Board Summit in Chicago this Thursday (23rd June).

Find out more about our Job Board summit 2016

Keith Robinson @weare52N