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The Randy Reece Interview – and Insights

Randy iRandy Reece Photos VP and Senior Business Analyst at Avondale Partners, as well as a veteran commentator on the Job Board and Staffing Sectors.  He’s one of our keynote speakers and kicks off Day Two, giving an “Analysts Overview of Where We’ve Been and Where are We Going”.

Randy certainly has his finger on the pulse – nine months ago he wrote in one of his analyst reports that the LinkedIn share price was too high! We always find his comments insightful and we’re delighted that he’s joining us in Chicago.

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And now for the good news … Job Boards Work.

2016 headlines seem dominated by drama and controversy across the world, but in amongst the doom and gloom, this article originated in the US, with advice and insights that apply globally. The message? Job Boards remain relevant and indeed essential – because they work. And the Jobg8 take on all of this? Just read on for our advice …..

The author Dave Zielinski argues strongly that “Job Boards remain a major source of quality candidates for employers, and as such it pays for recruiters to be smart consumers of the burgeoning number of boards at their disposal”. The Jobg8 team certainly agrees with this – every week we add a new “startup” Job Board to our global network, so we’re seeing an increase of choices for both job seekers and recruiters.

Zielinski goes on to say that “Job Boards have long been a popular punching bag for the recruiting vanguard. The boards represent old technology, the recruiters’ mantra goes. They use outdated pricing models. They’re on their last legs, to be usurped by more-modern job search strategies”.

Louise Grant, CEO of Jobg8 and organiser of the largest Job Board Summits in North America and Europe, concurs to a degree: “again we’d agree with the sentiment but not the total reality. Job seekers still look for jobs on Job Boards, in overwhelming numbers. Survey after survey consistently shows that Job Boards are either the No. 1 or No.2 source of external candidates for employers.”

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Interview with Kyle Power; Director of Interactive Marketing at CHG Healthcare Services


Kyle Power heads up Interactive Marketing at CHG Healthcare, one of the largest and most successful staffing firms in the U.S healthcare sector, Kyle is joining us on the Candidate Panel at the summit.

He is responsible for both CHG’s own site and how that generates traffic and candidates as well as all the supplier/partners that CHG work with.

Kyle agreed to answer a few questions  prior to the summit and I’m sure these will stimulate debate and some questions during the panel session, what becomes  immediately clear from my interview is that one, Kyle sees “supplier” as business partners and two, expects solutions to the business issues he faces relating to traffic, quality etc.

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Dr Steve Carter of Elevated Careers joins The US Job Board Summit 2016 – Chicago June 23-24: The Biggest Agenda yet!

Jobg8 are delighted that Elevated Careers’ Dr Steve Carter joins us at The US Job Board Summit, three years on from the first event when (exclusively) Steve announced on stage the planned move by eHarmony into the recruiting space. We’re delighted that after a busy post- launch schedule, Steve is joining us to discuss the launch and his take on ‘The Job Board of the Future.’

The Job Board Summit continues to deliver top industry speakers and exclusive stories with the 2016 event set to be the biggest Job Board Summit to date. With over 22 speakers and panellists from across the world already confirmed, this has to be the most important dates on the recruitment industry calendar in 2016.

The summit is dedicated to and focuses exclusively on the job board industry. The agenda has been unfolding continuously and there really are some fantastic industry experts speaking at this year’s event, including –

Randy Reece – Industry Analyst at Avondale and the man who predicted the LinkedIn share price drop 6 months ago.

Crystal Millar – Industry Marketing expert, passionate social media advocate and champion of recruitment branding.  Her clients include AT&T, Elevated from eHarmony … and many more.

David Bernstein – The Big Data Expert from the “real world”: who will show us how to understand the data we generate – and the ways we can use it to our advantage.

Stacy Chapman – Founder and CEO of sourcing tool SwoopTalent (with a proven record of working with Job Boards), who will share her unique understanding of how Job Boards can go up the “value chain”

The 2016 summit introduces a new element, four workshops led by domain experts, on ‘essential’ subjects such as; Sales Management, Building and Executing on a Strategy for Success, Leadership and Motivation and Buying Traffic and Applications Intelligently.

Finally – and always popular with our audience – we host the “Open Mic” panel Q&A sessions. This year’s sessions look at “What our Clients Want”, “The Job Board of the Future” (where Dr Steve Carter joins the panel) and “What Business Are We In – Media, Recruiting or Technology?”  Our distinguished panellists include: Steve Levy (Leading US Recruiter), Kyle Power (Director of Interactive Marketing at CHG Healthcare), Lee Biggins (Managing Director of Resume Library), Steve Playford (Global Director at Financial Times Career Management), plus many more.



John Bell, reThinkData: Pushing the ATS candidate abandonment agenda

One of the hot topics at The Job Board Summit 2015 – North America was the Applicant Tracking System (ATS) issue and we all know the story. “When a job candidate applies for a job on a recruitment website, it shouldn’t be a nightmare to complete the registration and application forms on the client’s applicant tracking system website—but most often it is”, says John Bell, Founder and CEO of reThinkData.

A staggering percentage of job candidates abandon online applications before completing the process. Recent surveys and white papers have found this abandonment rate to be upwards of 90% for many companies. How can this be a good candidate experience? Continue reading

The Job Board Summit 2015 – North America: Our three takeaways

We’ve had two weeks to think about The Job Board Summit 2015 – North America; after seeing some the delegate feedback and talking to a few of our speakers and it seems our big takeaways from the event are very much aligned with others.

Some of our attendees have put together some fantastic blogs summarising the event; Recruitics can be found here and The Job Board Doctor can be found here. Continue reading